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Phone Verifed Accounts - Craigslist Phone Verified Accpounts

             Phone Verify, Verify Phone Service for Craigslist Logins

Phone Verified Accounts
With Life Time

Re-Verification Guarantee

Instant Delivery
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 Phone Verified Accounts Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts, Buy cl PVA Cheapest and 100% Working






· Lowest prices on the market for phone verified accounts


· Each phone verified account is created with a unique USA IP


· Each phone verified account is created with Unique USA phone number


· Each phone verified account is created with Unique Hotmail Account


· Each phone verified account is created with Unique password


· Each phone verified account is created is tested before selling


· Free support 24 x 7


· 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


· Reverification of phone verified account is only $0.5 per phone verified account


· Many payment options - PM, MB, STP, WMZ, WU, MG, Paypal, Credit Card..... and more


· We can also verify your own account for the same price


. We are offering one year guarantee for re-verification. In Market all other sellers are

  selling pva for 30 days / 60 days, but we are selling for lifetime and give one year guarantee.






           Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts for $4, Phone Validation for $4, Verified Account, Phone Verification, Verified Accounts, Phone No for Craigslist Verification, Craigslist Phone Verified Account Service has never been so easy. Our Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts are the cheapest and of the highest quality you can ever find. We offer our services to whole salers and to retail customers as well. Even our smaller quantities packages are cheaper than what other providers can get you. We are the people with professional atitude who always strive for excellance in the field of customer satisfaction. The accounts are created with utmost dadication and care.



               Its simple, just buy 1 account and test the quality of the phone verified account, it won't cost you much, just $ 4 only. We assure you that you will excited over the quality of service we provide. Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts have never been better and cheaper than this. Take this oppertunity to post your unlimitted numbers of ads, advertise your business over internet, show your presence worldwide and open the earning limit over craigslist. Craigslist is the place where millions of people visit daily.

 Cheapest and 100% working phone verified accounts





Please Note that We are selling ready to use verified accounts.



These Accounts do not require any phone number or code. You just need to login at and post your ads.


These accounts also come with email access.


We give one full year re-verification guarantee in case our accounts needs it. We do not cheat our customers like other who rotates the phone number every 90 days.

We make sure that you love our service.

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Pay with Paypal

Credit Card










Re-Verification fee


for 1 Year


Ghosting of craigslist ads. Click here for more info.



If you cannot locate your ad on the site, please note the following:


  • Ads posted via self-posting kits must be completed  via a link sent to you by email. Unless this process is completed the

        ad will not appear on the site.


  • Index pages and search results are generally updated every 15 minutes. Ads requiring review take longer to appear.

  • You may need to refresh/reload the  index page  that  displays listings for  the city and  category to  which  your ad was posted.

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One Year validity


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1. When will I receive my order?


You will receive your order instantly if you have ordered less than 25 PVA. In other case it will be within 24 hours. However, It usually takes less than 24 hours for us to process orders.



2. How will I receive my order?


If you want instant delivery,


contact live support


yahoo messenger ID – anjudevianju


skype - anjudevi.

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Hotmail Temporay Blocking



  • If you see errors like “Call us over-protective ...” or “ your account is temporarily blocked”. Follow the below mentioned procedure:-


  • Select  “I don’t have these any more” form drop down menu and click next.  


  • Now from drop down menu, select “Alternate email address






How it Works




1. First of all you pay $4 for each Phone Verified Account.



2. Then Send us the payment receipt via email or live support or yahoo messenger or skype. click here to see all the options.



3. We will deliver you Verified Accounts instantly, if we are open or otherwise within 12 hrs. These Verified Accounts will have an email and password.



4. You need to login with this email and password at and post your ads. As these Verified Accounts, are already verified by a


phone number. So, there will NO Requirement of phone number and code again. 






Note : With these accounts you will have email access (Hotmail) also, so you can manage replies to your ads.




If you still have any doubt and need clarification, click here to Talk to our live support


Special Offer : Buy 100 Phone Verified Accounts just for $375.

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Some Important Information about Phone Verified Account.






Salient features of our Phone Verified Accounts


The price for such a quality built Phone Verified Accounts is the minimum as compared to market rates.